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We support and advise you in all performance phases of your construction project and on all issues concerning any aspect of the bathroom pod. To this end, our professional structural, heating/ventilation/sanitary (HLS) design engineers, sales and project execution are available for you to consult. In this way, important topics such as agreeing the bathroom floorplans, checking the installation shafts, placing and connecting the bathrooms and integrating any additional work and services requested by you, for example, kitchen connections, heating circuit distributors, shaft installation module or shut-off devices can be clarified early – more planning reliability through bathroom pods.

Take us at our word and benefit from these advantages:

  • Individual bathroom pod solutions – designed and made to the customer’s wishes
  • Uniformly high construction quality
  • 100 % on-schedule delivery
  • Fixed price
  • Design, execution and warranty from a single source

The “Schwörer Bathroom Pods” business unit of SchwörerHaus GmbH & Co. KG, develops, produces and delivers high-quality bathroom pods for hotels, retirement homes, housing and student apartments.

With its system design, the Schwörer bathroom pod simplifies construction management, helps to reduce construction times and thus construction costs and, thanks to the industrial off-site production, it offers uniformly high execution quality. With the fixed price, just-in-time delivery of the bathrooms to the construction site through to our own customer service and warranty from a single source, the company ensures professional support for its customers.

All bathroom pods are developed individually to the customer’s wishes, are designed by our own engineers using 3-D software and are produced by qualified and experienced Schwörer employees in our production buildings in Ahrensfelde/Berlin.


Recognised for Excellence 3 Stars (2018)

Quality and good service from the capital region