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Each Schwörer bathroom pod is designed and produced to your specific wishes and ideas, with our high level of technical know-how.

Our bathroom pods are self-supporting modules, which can be installed easily and problem-free using a suitable fixed or mobile crane.

The maximum dimensions of our bathroom pods are determined by the transport dimensions. The optimum transport width is 2.45 m (incl. external installations) and the optimum transport height is 2.70 m. Clear room heights of 2.40 m maximum can thus be realised.

Designed to your product specifications, our heating – sanitary – ventilation designers add a large number of additional technologies, which complete our bathroom pods and are carried out directly in our Berlin production plant.

From the shut-off device, kitchen connections, heating circuit distributor, hot water station, apartment electrical sub-distribution board through to the complete shaft installation module for the risers, we supply you with a complete solution, which reduces your construction site work and risks. 

With this comprehensive package of work and services, we fulfil our pledge of “Design, execution and warranty from a single source” to a particular degree.  


A differentiation is made between steel-reinforced concrete floors (approx. 160 kg/m²) as the standard design and steel section floors (approx. 60 kg/m²) as a special design.

The concrete floor consists of a steel frame surround, which is strengthened with reinforced concrete.

The steel frame floor consists of a hollow section construction with a 16 mm thick solid COSPAN building board as the substrate. The wall cavities are insulated using 40 mm mineral fibre insulating boards.


The basic construction is made of robust, cement-bonded solid building boards. The material is used in 16 mm and 25 mm thicknesses for the walls.

The walls consist of a construction of sheet steel support sections and sheathing on the bathroom side made using a solid COSPAN building board. The wall cavities are insulated using 40 mm mineral fibre insulating boards. The sheathing with gypsum boards in the room is usually carried out on-site by the client. We can also carry out this work on request.


Our jointless ceiling construction consists of a solid COSPAN building board, 16 mm, installed under a support structure made of sheet steel sections.

The underside of the ceiling is primed, smoothed and a high-quality paint coat is applied in the factory.


The basic construction of our bathroom pods is made of robust, cement-bonded solid COSPAN building boards. These are produced in large 6.5 x 3 m size in the Schwörer‑plant in Coswig/Anhalt and enable us to achieve jointless walls and ceilings.



Material properties

  • Environmentally friendly and ecological construction materials, building biologically safe
  • Moisture resistant, i.e. very low swelling and shrinkage behaviour due to use of patented binder matrix
  • Construction material class: B1 (flame resistant) and A2 (non combustible)
  • Optimum sound insulation due to high self-weight of the boards
  • Approval number DIBT Z 9.1-328
  • Electrostatically neutral
  • Resistant to cleaning agents
  • Chemically resistant, including oil and fuel resistant